Help is Available If You Suffer From Adult Acne

Acne is not something that only affects children. While up to approximately eighty percent of individuals between the ages of eleven and thirty experience acne, adult acne can persist in individuals into their forties and fifties. Among the suspected major contributors are hormones and their effect on the production of sebum. However in many cases of individuals with adult acne there is no notable hormone imbalance when they are tested.Adult acne is treated in basically the same ways that acne in younger people is. Among the major targets of adult acne treatment are oil production, infections, inflammation and others. While this is not a treatment of the cause, since any particular cause remains uncertain, the treatment of these targets can often result in improvement and sometimes a “cure”.These are available as topical creams and sometimes in pills that are taken orally. In special cases direct injections may be used. Each acne treatment is selected to address the problem in a different way. There are established classifications that help to determine what treatment may be most effective.Individuals that are interested in treating their adult acne may want to consider seeing a dermatologist. In some cases it will be necessary, and in other cases seeing a dermatologist may prevent the adult acne from progressing to a worse form.With severe cases of adult acne, especially those that present cysts, scarring may occur. Early treatment may help to prevent scarring from occurring. Doctors may also be able to prevent scarring from resulting with close monitoring of already progressed cases. There are a number of cosmetic treatments that can be performed to reduce the appearance of the scarring as well.The particulars will likely depend on the specific case, but some treatments involve injecting soft filler into the scar site to literally fill in the scar cavity. Another acne treatment involves removing the top layer or layers of skin in the scarred area. This reduces the appearance of the scar and allows normal tissue to re-grow.Typically the treatment of adult acne can require months or years. There are a number of offers that may claim immediate cures, but that is rarely the reality. There are a wide variety of products that have some scientific validity. Many of them provide a benefit as well. In nearly all cases the treatment does take time though. You can find more by looking on pharmacy section of your local drugstore, or by consulting your physician.