Adult Acne Can Be Permanently Cured – Here’s How

Adults getting afflicted with adult acne when they have never ever suffered from acne in their teen years challenge the general belief that acne are caused only due to hormonal growth that subsides as the adolescent years come to an end.Adult acne leads to lot of frustration and annoyance for people who have always had acne free clear skin. And it is emotionally even more frustrating as you can’t psychologically justify it as you can with the teen acne.If you are afflicted with adult acne then you have to understand one thing, adult acne occurs for some reason and they won’t just go away in a few days. You have to do something about the underlying root causes of adult acne to completely cure them.Continue reading to know the truth about adult acne and the difference between them and teen acne. This report will also tell you can get rid of this situation.The difference between adult acne and teen acne Although research has proven the fact that there is a difference between the skin type of adult acne sufferers and teenagers who suffer from acne, still the root cause of acne is the same.Well, I know the next question that comes to your mind is if the reason is the same then how come you didn’t suffer from acne during your teenage years.That is actually a very good question and in order to know the answer you have to understand the true causes of acne.Any types of acne in any type of severity are caused basically by hormonal imbalance and the buildup of toxins in the blood and in the liver, kidneys, bowels and lymph.However severe the toxic buildup in your body might be the imbalance of hormones is caused by basically two main factors – 1). The body starts producing too many male hormones that causes the sebum glands to produce extra sebum and thus aggravates the acne. This is usually the cause of teen acne; adult acne is related to the second cause. 2) The natural hormone regulation system basically the liver, bowels, nymph stops functioning properly and so the used hormones are not thrown out of the body.Most cases of acne can be caused by just any of the two factors that triggers hormonal imbalance and the buildup of toxins but adult acne are caused due to the second factor which is the incapability of the elimination organs in getting rid of the used hormones from the body.The next question that comes to your mind is when you didn’t suffer from acne in the teen years that mean your hormone regulation system was working fine then; then what wrong? The answer of course is surely something went wrong in the in between years.If you are suffering from adult acne now and never suffered from teen acne then that can mean only mean two things: a) There is toxic buildup in your blood and lymph. B) There has been some damage to your hormone regulation system and it is not functioning properly.It might be that you have been taking steroids over long time that can weaken your liver. Or might have been taking antibiotics or might have gone through lot of stress. It is not important what caused it the fact remains that you are now suffering from chronic hormone imbalance and it is causing the adult acne.Permanently cure your adult acne:Like all other major acne types adult acne too are caused by deep rooted internal factors that are triggered by various external or life style factors. In order to completely cure your adult acne you need to neutralize internal and external both factors holistically. The holistic approach emphasizes on the internal factors while also dealing with the external factors.This will ensure you to have acne free clear skin and stay away from adult acne permanently.